Hello everyone,

I´ve seen some articles about this topic and I think it´s really good idea. I love traveling, so here are some cities with the letters of my name. Without any further ado let's get started:
- Miranda

Matera - Italy

Temporarily removed beautiful, italy, and old city image

Istanbul - Turkey

istanbul image istanbul image

Rotterdam - The Netherlands

beautiful, city, and travel image christmas, holland, and netherlands image

Avignon - France

architecture, city, and europe image city, france, and french image

Nicosia - Cyprus

architecture, city, and cyprus image cafe, cyprus, and street image

Dubrovnik - Croatia

Image by Ana Paula Horta dubrovnik image

Antwerp - Belgium

belgium, monuments, and travel image belgium and antwerpen image

This was my first article, I hope you all will love it! Thanks for reading (and hearting) and I hope to see you soon when I've got a new article :)

(btw: sorry if my English isn't perfect, be kind)