✩ Girls ✩

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❀ Adelina ❀ The word for a flower that is in the process of growing; partially bloomed and partially budding.
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❀ Hallie, I love the name Hallie, I first heard it on The Parent Trap and thought it was kind of boring, but then I looked it up in a really old baby naming book, and it said: Hallie-Greek-Thinking of the sea
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❀ Faya ❀ sounds very feminine and pretty.
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❀ Holly ❀ I love this name, it's so sweet, reminds me of Christmas.
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❀ Livi is a beautiful name. very uncommon but I still like it.
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❀ Hannah, I think Hannah is a beautiful and soft yet strong name.
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❀ Ottilie is a beautiful name. It invokes a sense of artistry and enlightenment.
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❀ Bridget, I've always liked Bridget. It sounds youthful but dignified enough.
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❀ Celina I like this spelling as compared to others. Celina is also the feminine form of Celino ("heaven").
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❀ Aurora I love this name. I think it is a name with a meaning of grace, optimism elegance and light. It pictures a vision of the dawn and its breathtaking beauty. My favourite short name for Aurora is 'Orie.' I just think it's wonderful!

✩ Boys ✩

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✧ Ashton isn't a pansy name for a boy, it is very masculine and strong sounding.
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✧ Reid is a great name for a boy. Strong and handsome sounding.
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✧ Zachary, I think it's quite an adorable and yet, intellectual name.
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✧ Stefan makes me think of Stefan Salvatore tv show The Vampire Diaries. not popular for boys today. Steffe is a common nickname.
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✧ Anthony I absolutely like this name! It's cool and nice.
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✧ Henry Love the name. The book The Time Traveler's Wife got me lovin' it.
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✧ Justin, I like this name a lot. It makes me think of a very masculine man with a good heart!
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✧ Ollie more of a masculine sounding name to me.
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✧ Christian This name has such a nice sound to it and it is very masculine, strong sounding yet gentle too.
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✧ Aaron, I like the name Aaron but I prefer it spelt like Aàron with the accent on the second A.

✩ unisex ✩

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☼ August I absolutely love this name, works for boy and girl.
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☼ Avery I absolutely love the name. I do prefer the spelling Avarie though. I like it better on a boy. When it's on a girl I find it reminding me of a bird.
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☼ Payton, I like this name, mainly as a middle name though. Its popularity is kind of unpredictable.
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☼ I love the name Blake for a boy. It sounds strong, rugged and handsome but I also like the name Blake for a girl. It's kind of unusual for a girl but that's why I like it.
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☼ I love Lyric for both genders, I prefer a boy though slightly more.
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☼ Dakota, I like it because it is unique.
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☼ Parker, I like this name for a girl and a boy!
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☼ Rayn I love this name to bits! I do like this name, but it's too common.
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☼ Alex is also used as an independent name.
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☼ Cameron. This name sounds very strong and masculine, but I have never known anyone with the first name Cameron.