A book i wish to publish.
A book i wish would be read
A book i wish i written sooner.

Shaking hands with
The dark parts of my

Chapter 1

With a cloudy afternoon the central parks clock dung with the thunder approaching. A light mist settled across the graveyard, showing its timeless beauty as an eerie setting moved down the hollow trees and in between the tombstones of the long forgotten dead.

The graveyard was big, old and new one of many in Southwark. A place not close to London but far enough, filled with small houses, shops a tiny mall and park and more, a real family place.
Almost everyone knew everyone and that not always a good thing. Some parts are beaten, bruised and old but those where the places that made Southwark the place it is today.

Aden insisted that his mother’s remains be buried here, close to the small river flowing gently at the side of the graveyards gates. A thought of her soul being still alive, moving just as the river like she was still alive in some way.

It has been a year since Aden visited his mother’s grave and the pain still hovered over his heart, never leaving. His mind always replaying that night.

He stood several minutes at the gloomy gate contemplating if he should go in or stay but when Simon spotted him he sighed and held up his hand as to greet Simon and the gesture was returned.

*Simon a person Aden could call a friend with few wise words, from the day he stood next to Aden at his mom’s funeral and laid a hand on the young Aden’s shoulder, he could feel the pain in Aden’s heart as he bent down to be eye length with Aden and he said four words “It will get better.” And stood up with a huff.

He looked towards the Yang’s and gave them a strong nod and turned around never looking back. Since then only a few words over the years passed between them.

He pushed open the screeching gate, a few birds flew from the nearby tress. Aden stuffed his hands in his jacket pockets as his eyes glanced over the graves, some new holes were dug and some were newly filled. The snow was starting to melt away just a few patches here and there. Making it easier to walk the pebbled path. He picked up a daisy on his way just as his hair fell in front of his eyes. With a swift movement, he flicked his hair back and took a deep breath in as he neared her headstone. His heart raced at the idea of her laying there.

Aden sat silently at the foot of his mother’s grave, not noticing the damp grass soaking into his jeans, as still as a statue he kept his eyes on his mother’s name, Caitlyn Cassie Grayson a beautiful name for a woman who’s past is a mystery.

A branch cracked in the distance Aden didn’t seem to notice he was to focused on the bird shit covering his mother’s headstone.

“What’s the point of cleaning this shit? Fucking bids!” He spat as the word left his mouth.

With a frown, he looked down at his fingers, at the daisy he was holding, a daisy he damaged by rolling it between his fingers, a few petals missing and her stem weakened with every turn he made. A daisy, his mother’s favourite flower a simple and small flower but she loved it. She usually had one stuck behind one ear heaven knows where she found them all the time, but it was a good memory he had of her.

A branch snapped in the distance at the side of Aden’s head, turning his gaze towards the source of the sound, maybe the stoner girl was getting high behind one of the thick trees in this place. Her name was Moon she sure wasn’t as dark as the moon just a bit too much colours in her hair and she always whore the same blue hoodie.

He saw Simon plucking some weeds from a monuments sides, Simon was a man with few words maybe 7 was his limit or just when he was tired when he spoke, he was a tall lean man no kids, no wife, going balled but had a few strands of dark dirty blonde hair on his head.

He always had his lucky ring on, he said it helped him to walk these grounds a save man but he just has always just been here. Well so he told Aden as his dark green eyes stared at him as he told stories of how it use to be here in this place, as Aden assumed he told everyone who would make the time to speak to him.

Aden stood up from his hunched over sitting position and stretched his sore neck and back from all the nights he laid awake. A nasty habit he had gained from having to relax sore bones and relieve the pain of them when painkillers couldn’t.

Aden’s grey eyes closed as he gave one more stretch, a small smile pressed against his lips as he thought of how his mother would’ve probably scolded him when he cracked his bones like that, he’s face instantly went stone cold again. Emotions are for the ones who care too much, that was his motto that he had to learn.

Stomping the wet grass off his combat boots he turned around and straightened his leather jacket as he crouched down so that he was face to face with his mother’s white tombstone. He leaned in a bit closer as he traced her name with his skull tattooed finger, he whispered “Lesion Salcivan” as he finished with the last letter, its meaning is “Live peacefully”.
Aden stood up and gave one more glance at his mother grave as he felt eyes on the back of his neck.

Aden shrugged it off, as he turned and walked slowly down the pebbled road, glancing around as he looked from headstone to headstone.
He stuffed his hands into his jackets pockets again. His Golden lighter, falling perfectly between his fingers its smoothness made him crave the flame.

He pulled out his cigarette packet and clicked out the last one.

“Shit!” He muttered under his breath.
He sighed in frustration, but placed the cigarette between his lips. With one click he lit the cigarette.

The flame felt warm against his lower lip, as he took in a deep breath. His lungs felt home, his body devouring the nicotine as his desire took over his whole body. With a slow release the smoke fell out of his lips.

Almost at the end, Aden moved a bit faster avoiding him looking back at his mother.

Aden stopped in his tracks as his cigarette fell from his lips. He could feel him, close, dark and the smell of death covered him. His whispers overwhelmed Aden’s hearing as he tried to lure Aden into the darkness. A part of Aden wanted to go but a part asked him to stay. A skeleton, human hand rested on Aden’s shoulder.

His breath on Aden’s neck.

With a swift move Aden spun around.

"What do you want you bloody fuck!?” Aden yelled. But he was gone again as he always disappears.

Aden tilted his head to the sky as he grabbed his dark brown hair and growled in frustration. He didn’t know how longer he could go on like this. He’s losing his mind, feeling instantly tired, he started to walk again down the pebbled road.

A road soon coming to an end, the anger consumed Aden the frustration and he had to get rid of it. A few feet from the gate Aden spotted an old relic of a headstone. He stood still in front of the headstone and whispered “Sorry “under his breath.

Closing his eyes, he focused on his anger, soft red and black mist started to surround Aden. Aden took one deep breath and opened his eyes, Coal colour eyes stared at the Headstone. With one swift movement Aden kicked the headstone. Snapping it in half, a piece of marble landed on the floor with a thump.

Aden closed his eyes and opened them imminently as he felt drained.

"Sometimes I forget my own strength". Aden muttered as a small smile spread across his lips. Felling proud of what he had done. He turned and walked, finally reaching the gate.

Aden reached the gate and took one more glance back at the lifeless place. He took a deep breath and walked out. Not returning for yet another year or maybe two.

Southwark streets greeted him as he walked against the tall gates, leaving the graveyard for good. The streets were not crowded but they were busy for and Friday afternoon. Which was normal for a Friday. Couples, punks, old people graced the streets, trust me there were a lot of them.

A smile always seemed to keep the old ladies from staring at him and maybe even make them wish they were 20 again.

Aden picked up his pace as he crossed the street, “WALDO’S MARKET” came into view. A small shop that almost had the basic needs. A crappy name of course but doesn’t tiny shop always have crappy names. Aden moved his fingers through his newly cut hair, as he felt HER. Her presence giving off the feeling of excitement and love. Closing his eyes, he listened to her heartbeat, moving faster and faster the closer she came to him.

He instantly smiled and turned around just as she came running at him.
With a scream, she laughed and ran right into him.

“Sweet!” She said laughing as she hugged Aden. She took in his warmth, smelling his shirt as she stuffed her face into his chest.

Aden let out a laugh as she hit him. Such a petite girl but yet so strong. He held her tight, taking in the smell of her strawberry hair.
He felt all his worries disappear the moment she touched him.

“Baby!” Aden said. As he lifted up her chin with his finger. Her big green eyes staring back at him. A smile spread across her lips.

She stepped away from him as she stretched out her hand, Aden intertwined their finger.

“I missed you” She said as they started walking towards WALDO’S.