You look in the mirror
Your unhappy
You go to school
Everyone hates you
With all the false rumors
All the back-stabbing friends
All the stares you get in the hall
All the things they whisper about you
You have tried to talk to your friend about it
But they are the reason for this
You told them everything
And they turned around
And told the whole school
You’ve tried talking to your family
To them you are just
Over reacting
When you get home
You lock yourself in your room
Like any other day
But today is different
You snapped
You can’t take it any longer
You can’t take this hell some people call life
You can’t take the people at school
You can’t take your family
You can’t even take your own mind anymore
Out of the corner of your eye
You see something you had hid in your closet
You know what you are going to do now
You take it out and tie it to the ceiling fan
You pull up a chair next to it
You step up on the chair
And wrap the item around your neck
You are now standing on the edge of the chair
And you’re crying
You look out the window
And you step off
Leaving forever
Without a goodbye