Heyy sweeties!
I want to warn you this was NOT my idea.
I saw it in some articles and it seemed fun to do!
However the pics are randomly choosed by me.
Have fun!!

Snow White

once upon a time, snow white, and mary margaret blanchard image Image by Nala b&w, design, and elite image christmas, quotes, and Relationship image
"Poison Apple"


beautiful, blue, and mermaid image hair, flowers, and red image sea, summer, and beach image water, ocean, and sea image
" Under the sea"


book, reading, and read image flowers, france, and house image rose, flowers, and red image tea, gold, and aesthetic image
" There's something sweet and almost kind"


Temporarily removed pink, aladdin, and pastel image beauty, brown, and costume image india, travel, and taj mahal image
" I am not a prize to be won"


restaurant, interior, and luxury image cards, tarot, and magic image Image removed paris, green, and dress image
" I am almost there"


mirror, rose, and flowers image blond, girl, and long image flowers, rapunzel, and tangled image light, night, and lantern image
" I have a dream"


red hair image arrow, bow, and medieval image bear, nature, and travel image skies and montains image
"Some say fate is beyound our command, but I know better, our fate is within us, you only have to be brave enought to see it"


aesthetic, beautiful, and beauty image blue, nature, and ocean image turtle, sea, and ocean image summer, strawberry, and coconut image
"I've been standing at the edge of the water Long as I can remember, never really knowing why"

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