We are individuals with a way to go, we walk different paths and we still don't understand it, we'd like to keep everyone who crosses our path, like if we could stick them to us, but we still have a long way to go, we're not supposed to force anyone to stay, we're supposed to welcome them, whoever they are, because they will leave us new marks and lessons.

And even if one day they leave, we must understand that they couldn't stay forever because they don't belong to us, they belong to the world and to life, and it was them (the life and the world) who wanted to share those magical persons with us.

Life at the end of the day is about having fun and appreciating the way, enjoying the beautiful view, enjoying each step even though one is more painful than the other, life changes, grows and expands just like the universe does.

Yes, sometimes life itself saddens us and makes us happy, all that the same day, nobody said the path of a walker was easy, nobody is there to take care of your heart, nobody is there to teach you how to fly, you have to take care of yourself, to fall and get up by your own, and if your time is good, you may be able to clean your wounds to let'em heal properly.

But you know what's the worst? That like every other walker with each step you take your heart will become more sensitive and vulnerable, all that you will have left will be a fragile heart, until at the end of the road it breaks and tells you, ok pal I can't keep going.

That's why you must love freely, you must love without thinking, love so strongly that in the end, you hear your heart whispering in your ear: this is all my friend, we've got to the limit of loving the life.

Cause fragile hearts are those who have loved the most, and you deserve it, you deserve the love, you deserve the life, that's why you're reading this because life wanted to share its beautiful gift with you, dear walker, we say we deserve to be love, but believe me when I say that what we do deserve is to love to the limit, and you don't need a person to start loving, you already have you, so start loving and don't cry if at the end your heart gets too fragile, fragile hearts are the prettiest ones.