1: play pokemon go! I love to walk outside together with my boyfriend in the meantime take pictures and enjoy the weather and often also get an ice cream.

2: watch a lot of youtube videos! I have a lot of favorite youtubers, which go from gamers, vloggers or beauty and lifestyle videos. i can watch zoella, kian & jc, h2O delirious and kelsey simone for hours!

3: baking, I do not do this that often, but sometimes when I find a ready to make pot that only requires milk and eggs, I like it.

4: read a book, very simple if you do not feel like TV or youtube or anything else, read a good book. I love to disappear in a good story. sitting in bed and reading.

5: cleaning up, often you get more time for tidying up on a Sunday, great to find stuff you lost, or find nice old stuff in the attic of your grandfather and grandmother, eventually thinking back more about what kind of story behind it stuff is then tidying up but that's the fun!