Weird isn't it?
You can make me smile with just the thought of you.
You can make me check on you a few times in a day on social media, just because I feel like it.
You can make me feel like I'm a stalker, BUT i'm not trust me.
You can make me feel so annoyed and angry but I can't hold onto that for long.
You can make me admire you much which makes me wonder sometimes, this kind of guy really exist.

When I found out that you pray, I mean well everyone does but not as constant as you.
I was really awed. It really made me think right there are still this kind of guy in these generations.
To be very honest, I think I liked you knowing that you pray.
I've always promise to myself that I would find someone like my late dad.

My late dad is someone who is friendly, generous, religious and a fire fighter who I am sure had made an impact in people's life. Someone that I was attached with barely 9 years.
Out of all his traits there is one thing that I would want my future husband to have it, which is religious.
My future husband need not be too religious I mean just the basic is more than enough as I would love someone that could guide me better to the right path for the rest of my life.

But at the same time, I do know that if its meant to be it will be.
If he is not the one for me, I do believe that because there is a better girl who is meant for him.
Of course like its such a waste, I feel like I'm not good enough.
Hence, even though you only see me as a friend I am more than happy to be one and will always got your back. :)

Sometimes, I don't know if I'm actually in love, infatuation or whatever.
I believe everyone deserve the best in everything.

Temporarily removed

Stay safe everyone ❤