In a whole day,
My life turned completely grey.
You passed away.
Filled with glum,
Feeling so numb.
I wished there was a better outcome.
I didn't wanna let you go.
There was stuff I wanted to show.
Now all is woe.
Just as I thought I healed,
From my life you were peeled.
My head turned into a battlefield.
I was there for it all.
I watched you fall.
All I could do was bawl.
In one second I got a call.
You made it seem so small.
I was hit with a curve ball.

In one night your lungs had filled with blood.
You were transferred to a different specialty hospital.
They tried to save you.
When they couldn't my mom called me.
She told me they were going to pull the plug.

My heart and head were so overwhelmed with emotion.
I felt completely broken.
As we rushed down there,
All I could think is how life is never fair.
You kept saying you were coming home.
If only I would have known.
I only wanted to show you my promise ring.
But I was waiting till you were home when you felt like a king.
When it never happened,
My heart just kind of blackened.
Watching you go,
Left me with no tempo.

I don't want to move.
I don't want to speak.
I don't want to see.
I don't want to hear.
I don't want to feel like this.

I'd say I'm stuck in this hole.
But this feels like a whole universe being taken out of me.
And deep down in my soul,
I know it's a reality.
I watched your last breath.
I saw your unexpected death.
And even though I felt like it wasn't your time.
I need to accept it WAS your time.
I just wanted to let you know,
You were the one to help me grow.
You were our father figure.
Because our real father actually loved liquor.
You took care of all five of us.
Even when we drove you nuts.
And no matter how much I fall,
You always defended me from my mother's squalls.
But most importantly,
You supported me.
You supported all of us.
You never gave any fuss.
You gave my mother hope again.
You will always be loved Glenn.
We will see you again.