"as winter comes closer

my heart get colder

step by step we get older

falling for each other

even thou we could never get closer

but , like a shooting star crossing my sky , you left me

i still remember that day in november

when i laid my head to his shoulder

your breath got me warmer

"Till whenever , our love will stay forever "

now , the wind became louder

and i guess you found another

but here i'm, searching for a

to bring me back to that chapter

when i was a blooming

you were the ocean, you were the sea

you had my whole world under you feet

but you hand it to a creep

left me drowning deep

hoping you'd be around to catch me from hitting the

i always believed that you were my savior

masks fell down

and i saw the real danger

i thou you were healing me

but honey you were killing me

you had the look of the devil in my book

but once you smiled , the whole world got blind

yes you blew my mind

and i thou you were mine

now that you are gone ,

i'm holding a gun

thinking about my life alone

and i'm done ."
hope you like it , it's one of my own poems, /PEACE/