| a book for each of your initials |

J - E - H

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J - Jane Eyre
books, eleanor and park, and rainbow rowell image school, bus, and school bus image
E - Eleanor & Park
Temporarily removed harry potter and cedric diggory image
H - Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

| count your age along the shelf |

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17 - Catching Fire

| a book developed in your country |

bad, bad girl, and drunk image
> Flyga Högt < > Fly High <

| a book that represents a destination you love |

harry potter, book, and coffee image battle, harry potter, and order of the phoenix image
> Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix <

| a book with your favorite color on the cover |

book, books, and eleanor image book, book love, and books image Temporarily removed summer, water, and people image
> Eleanor & Park - Fangirl <

| best memories from a book |

books, reading, and great books image music, vintage, and tape image
> Eleanor & Park <

| most difficult book to complete |

book, books, and classic image john steinbeck, movie, and gary sinise image
> Mice of Men < ( even though i read the short version this book really wasn´t for me but i think the story is good)

| book on to-do list that will you feel very proud when you finally finish it |

book, day, and june image book, bookworm, and currently reading image
> Prodigy & World After < ( I loved both of the first books in these series and i will be proud of myself when i have read both second books because i know they will be super ) _________________________________________

inspired from @softaehyun ´s article, don´t know who did this first :)