Hello lovely goddesses! Sorry for the huge break on writing. School has had me tied up and i haven´t had time to write. But i am here again! In this article i will be telling you about traveling. Places to go and tips for backing and style tips. Let´s start with the destinations. I have chosen 5 perfect places to go.

Milan, Italy

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One of the fashion capitals.A beautiful place.

Athens, Greece

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Greece all in all is a beautiful place. It has a lot of historical value and that´s why it´s so magical.

York, England

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England is a gorgeous country. And this city looks so ig worthy.

Barcelona, Spain

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"The warm country of Europe." Beautiful language and beautiful houses.

Vienna, Austria

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Dream like city.

5 Things to bring with you when traveling

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Of course you need some kind of backpack or a bag where you can carry stuff like: phone, wallet, charger.
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Headphones. The best way to go in your own world while exploring the city.
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Do you really want to walk almost eyes closed? I would really recommend to bring sunglasses with you.
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Something to read like books. But i prefer Vogue.

Travel style
As for the perfect style choices. The best tip ever given to me was "dress like a local, not like a tourist"
When i go to a vacation i try to look chic, but not too chic. There is that perfect middle road between that and it´s perfect when going to a vacation. Down below i have listed beautiful clothing items and outfits for you. Enjoy!

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Dresses are always chic and they are perfect for vacations.
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Let me tell you about gorgeous outfits. This is a goals outfit for a vacation.
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The shoes on the left are called mules. They are super chic, but probably not good for long walks. Because they might slip off quite often. Sneakers are an easy choice.
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Accessories are the best way to add something cute to your outfit

Now for the whole outfits that are cute head to toe.

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Summer 2018 is coming. And you want to be the best version of you. Heart this if you liked it. And remember you are a goddess!

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