it's hard to narrow down the top 5 places in the world i would want to visit. there are just so many. but if i really had to pin point my top 5 they would be: (in no particular order)

1. Paris.

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the city of love! i hope that one day i am able to spend some time exploring paris. to see all the art and beauty this city has to offer would be a dream come true.

2. Verona, Italy.

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what an amazing thing, to be able to go to the place where my favorite love story actually happened. i know it's kind of silly, but i would love to leave a letter on juliet's wall.

3. New York City

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the city that never sleeps. i've been to new york a ton of times, i use to spend summers here with my family. but i will never get tired of this city. there is so much i still want to do there, it will always be a place i love to go to.

4. Israel

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i am jewish, and i have family from israel. i'm not sure if i will ever be able to go, but i have always wanted to see where my family is from and maybe get to learn more about our heritage.

5. Alaska

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i have always wanted to go on one of those Alaskan cruises. i live in south florida, so sun and beach are not really my thing. i think being able to experience the complete opposite of florida would be amazing!