Thanks for clicking - this will be a list of men that I find attractive and handsome. So that's basically the idea of this article. I hope you like all of them but remember that it is my own taste, thank you :)

// Leonardo DiCaprio //

Temporarily removed titanic, leonardo dicaprio, and Hot image actor, aviator, and fuck image Temporarily removed

// James McAvoy //

actor, beautiful, and blue eyes image -beautiful, -man, and -boyfriend image james mcavoy image james mcavoy image

// Jude Law //

jude law and man image babe, closer, and guys image Jude, jude law, and Law image Inspiring Image on We Heart It

// Måns Zelmerlöw //

esc, mans, and eurovision image Image removed handsome, mans zelmerlow, and mzw image beautiful, handsome, and heroes image

// Chris Pratt //

chris pratt image chris pratt image mantis, nebula, and rocket image chris pratt, actor, and man image

// Orlando Bloom //

orlando bloom image pirates of the caribbean, orlando bloom, and will turner image Legolas, orlando bloom, and elf image orlando bloom, Hot, and sexy image

// James Franco //

james franco, variety, and billy kidd image james franco and james dean image james franco image Temporarily removed

// Michael Fassbender //

oscar and michael fassbender image michael fassbender, inglourious basterds, and fave actor image celebrities, handsome, and sexy image michael fassbender, man, and sexy image

// Ryan Gosling //

actor, ryan gosling, and la la land image ryan gosling and luke glanton image Image by Soh** ryan gosling, Hot, and sexy image

// Jake Gyllenhaal //

jake gyllenhaal, sexy, and boy image boy, jake gyllenhaal, and actor image jake gyllenhaal, variety, and billy kidd image jake gyllenhaal image

Thank you so much for reading, looking at the pictures :D
I hope you had fun and I hope that you'll send me postcards with your opinions and suggestions for the next list ;)

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