Is it love, that I feel for him?
Or is it the Attention he gives me, that I love?
Have I ever loved someone,
Will I ever love someone,

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What if I’m different,
Different from everybody else?

They jump from relationship to relationship
Faster than a bunny

Do they really love though?
Do they know what love feels like?

And if so, can they show me?

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If I give it some time,
Love will slowly appear

He is nice, smart, caring, funny and has my kind of humor.

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He is hard- working and adventurous,
showing me places, so beautiful, I thought they only existed in dreams.

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On the outside he looks like a typical
Bad Boy.
I always imagine him in his leatherjacket on his motorcycle.

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On the inside though,
He is a Broken Boy.
He is too young to have so much on his mind.

I wish he knew that I am here for him.
That I can help him.

Why isn’t he opening up to me?

I have witnessed and seen more than a twenty year old girl should have.

I wish he knew.

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I wanna hug him,
I don’t want to kiss him

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Is it love, that I feel for him?

I do want to spend time with him.

Watching movies all day long,
take a trip to the Netherlands,
go on a walk with his puppy.

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Is it love, that I feel for him?
I love spending time with him.
I love the Attention he gives me.

Will I ever know what real love feels like?

Do you?