"Long game? Long game."

The "long game" is a very romantic idea to some. To me "Long game" is the saying for wanting something, someone you can't have, yet they let you believe that ONE day maybe you can.

Deep down we all know that will most likely never happen but there still is a slight little chance. That damn little chance we all hold onto just to not feel as empty as before. To feel a little better, a little happier.

But the sad truth is that one day you might realize that this chance is gone and you are left with nothing but sadness, heartbreak and misery. You feel emptier than before, not knowing that was even possible.

"One day maybe" is what a lot of people say, maybe even you or I.
We all let at least one person in our long lives believe that playing the long game gets them somewhere, while we are playing the long game with someone else.

Everyone gets hurt in the long game. Everyone.