Good morning(where I am) lovelies,

Happy (belated) Good Friday and Easter! I hope all your weekends have been most enjoyable and chilled. This is sort of a random article I decided to make but I hope you all enjoy it anyways.By the way I know some of the things on my list may seem stupid but hey I wanna learn so don't judge guys!

1. How To Ride A Bike

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Ridding a bike is something I have wanted to learn for the longest and now that I'm older I really really want to more than ever!OK I know this should of been something I should have learnt when I was seven or eight but I didn't really go outside as much as I should have. Whenever me and my friends go down to the promenade I'm always the one to roller skate or just walk . I also keep day dreaming of me riding a bike by the beach but I need to learn how to ride a bike without training wheels before that dream ever happens. By the end of summer 2018 I'm planning to make that dream come true.

2. How To Speak Spanish

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I should be able to speak Spanish fluently by now but I am not consistent with it. I have been taking Spanish for five years now and all I have down pack are the basics. I'm planning to download the app Duolingo and read books in Spanish,watch shows that are in Spanish, and listen to music that is in Spanish so I can be fluent.

3. Improve My Swimming Skills

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I know how to swim but I want to be better at it! If I am planning to jump of cliffs and go scuba diving or all the stuff those cool YouTubers do I definitely need to improve my skills now! I also want to learn how to float and be more comfortable on the deep side of the pool for more than seven minutes. I'm planning to take swimming lessons to improve my swimming.

4. How To Braid

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This is something that I just recently wanted to learn. Every time I go to the shop to get my braided I think to myself "What if I could do this myself?''. It'd be cool to be able to do it myself so maybe I could make a few coins for myself and I think it is just a good thing to know how to do. There are days I wish I could just braid my hair myself so learning how to do this myself would definitely help.

5. How To Cook

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I recently just took my first cooking exam and after that experience it is definitely time for me to hop on the how to cook train. I really don't want to be one of those take out food girls ( no offense to you all out there but that is not a life I want to live all the time). Also after the exam I've found myself getting more involved in the kitchen and pining a bunch of recipes and food pics. My mom is now teaching me the basics such as how to make rice and other things.

Other Mentions:

- how to speak Yoruba(I'm part Nigerian)
- improve my volleyball skills
- how to drive
- improve my writing skills

Well I hope you all enjoyed this article and maybe found some things you want to learn/improve on. Please make sure to follow my My Articles collection or me to stay tuned for my future articles.

All the love,