"Write about three projects for the next month."

Oh man. Well, it's the beginning of April, so I guess these are the projects for this month, although, none of them are very urgent. Students like myself usually take May to get their shit together. But I guess I have some things I'm working on.

1. A Novella
I came up with an idea for a prequel of sorts to a book of mine while reading Yarichin Bitch Club (don't mind me, and no, it's not a yaoi). I don't want to give much away, but it's a summertime story about being young with friends. Just overall good vibes, so I'll be working on that for a lot of the month.

2. Fitness
I don't know if this is a project specifically for this month, but I do hope by May I'm down another two inches on my waist. I've been eating an incredibly strict vegan, low carb, high protein diet for a few weeks, and just started actually tracking it. So far I'm down one inch, and I can feel my fat fading away, but I want most of it to be gone by the end of the month. Pounds are not a factor. I've been putting on a lot of muscle, so my primary concern is losing fat.

3. School Projects
I have two big projects coming up. One is for Hamlet, where I will be tracking throughout the play how his lines reflect those of emo bands. The other is a survey for my statistics class, where I will be asking if people actually wash their hands after they go to the bathroom (haven't you ever wondered that? I've been to people's houses who don't even have hand soap on their sinks, or hand towels out).

Kinda boring, but April is as so.