I have sucked the bone marrow of life

laying in a field filled with wild flowers

The sun shines bright as clouds pass in the blue, blue sky.

Breathless, I close my eyes at the sight of heaven.

My eyes flutter open

everything is the same

The field, the flowers, the shadows of tree’s.

But something has changed, this isn’t heaven anymore.

The daisy’s sway in the wind, the white petals drift away.

And at that moment I knew that my grey friend has arrived.

It comes in and chips away my heaven.

Sometimes slowly and sometimes fast.

Suddenly everything is gone from me.

My smile is fake.

my eyes grow dim

The grayness takes my happiness away.

It is a thief, for stealing my want to live, but I know I must live on.

The voice of my soul whispers to me

Live on

Live on

Live on

By: Misskitkat143

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