Some might think that for your outfit to turn out nice, tons of money is required. But is that valid? Absolutely not!

Here are a few steps you could follow in order to make your outfits look bomb, without having to spend a fortune on them!

1. Accessorize to the Gods
Adding accessories to your outfits can turn them from meh to a-meh-azing. Of course this requires you to choose accessories that don't limit your outfits but allow them to be completed.

Hats:They don't only give your outfit that extra flair but they can also help you to deal with a bad hair day( trust me, we all had one of those). Try to pick hats that have cool patterns, are unique, and extravagant. This will allow that hat to make your outfit look expensive and stylish. However you should always go for the hat that suits your facial structure and characteristics better. Here is a website you can visit, that can help you find the hat that suits your face shape best:

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I told you that they make bad hair days vanish.

Sunnies : As it can be seen from the pictures above, sunnies also play a major role into elevating one's outfit. Sunglasses with weird shapes will give the illusion to others that they are pricey and designer. Although, cool sunglasses don't necessarily mean that they cost a lot. You can find very cheap pairs of sunnies that can still have the same impact to your look. All you have to do is to shop cleverly. Go bold and your out-of-the-box sunglasses will make wonders, I promise!

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Am I the only one that desperately needs to get her hands on these?

Earrings: Earrings are a great way to complement ones' ears and outfits. Growing up, I always thought that ears are a bit weird looking and just ugly in general, adding earrings can make your ears look less 'unpleasant' and might as well give your outfit that 'something' it needs to be completed. Try buying earrings that are silver/gold-plated as your ears are in danger of getting infected. Earrings that will always be 'fashionable' to wear are better to consume for those of you that are on a budget. For example, you can never go wrong with a pair of pearls, hoops or bedazzled studs.

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Ps.The bigger the hoop, the bigger the ho

Handbags: Handbags are the way of transport of your essential necessities in your everyday life, so you might as well carry them in style. I've seen many girls holding fake designer bags (personally I am against it- I might discuss why in a future article) desperately trying to make their outfit look nice or "instagrammable". There are however alternatives to doing that. In my opinion, the best investment you can make is buy handbags that are minimal eg. don't carry patterns, are made of one colour (preferably black, nudes), made of one matterial (eg. only leather and not suede with leather). This will allow you to use that bag over and over again while achieving to match all your outfits. One tip I always used in order to bring my handbags to the extra mile, would be to tie a nice scarf around the handles, or add a keyring, this feigns the fact that you have been carrying the same bag all this time and prevents you from constantly having to buy new ones.

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Black really does do wanders

Warning: Accessories are your key that opens the door of having a 'die-for outfit', but girl you better make sure not to over do it or else you might end up looking like a Christmas Tree. And we don't want that now, do we?

2. Basic is the future extra
One thing I always do, is buy basic clothes. Now, what do I mean by 'basic'? Basically, I always make sure that my closet consists of jeans, sweatpants, one-colored tees and just generally clothes that are individually considered 'basic" since they aren't really daring or special. However, these basic pieces paired along with that one thing that is a little bit more 'out there' will offer you the best way to style it without having the problem of ending up looking 'too much' or worse 'like a clown'. Not only that, but they are also affordable to buy since all shops are likely to offer them. So grab yourself some basic tees girl, and don't forget to thank me later!

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Thats all for today's Article!
Love, Mimi♡

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