Let's get to know me...

1. I'm portuguese.

Image by Amélia

2. I'm a roller skater.

blue, level, and passion image
This is me with 10 years!

3. I play guitar.

guitar, pink, and music image

4. I believe in mermaids, because if you think about it ... just because you never saw it doesn't mean it doesn't exist!

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5. I love Egypt and my dream is to travel there.

egypt and pyramid image

6. I love The Amazing World of Gumball and I'm not too old for this.

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7. My favourite super hero is spider man.

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8. I'm introverted and most of the time I hate being like this.

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9. I use glasses since the end of the 4th grade.

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10. My two favorite social networks are instagram and we heart it.

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Thanks for reading! <3