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Hi Beauties!

This is my second article for april and to be honest, I don't really have much inspiration for this month's article. So I was thinking what I'm kinda obsessed over the last couple of weeks and I immediately thought of my own appartement.
Don't worry, I'm only 18 and I don't have my own appartement (yet). But I really wanna live on my own and be independant. So I've been looking for nice appartement pictures lately that inspire me. I also somehow created my dream appartement.

So today I'm gonna show you how I want my appartement (or even house) to look like in the future and You'll maybe get some inspiration too.
At the end of this article I also need to say a few things so keep reading till the end if you're curious.
Let's begin



I want my appartement to be really Fresh looking. I want every wall to be white and I want a lot of windows so there's enough sunlight. I hate rooms where there's only one window and that's really dark, I'm not productive in this area of the house.

A Fresh looking room with a lot of light gives me energy and makes me feel a lot better and comfortable.
My style is minimalistic so everything needs to be clean and look Fresh.

home, interior, and design image white, aesthetic, and house image

I want my living room to be clean but at the same time really cosy.
I think I'll need to spend a lot of money on pillows and blankets and all sorts of scented candles!
I also love big plants so I want a plant to be placed next to the sofa and Fresh flowers on the little table.

Image removed home, decor, and room image

I definitely want a kitchen isle! I want my kitchen to scream at me: 'Come cook with me!' so I get motivated to make my daily lunch. (If that makes sense).
I also got a popcorn machine for my birthday to take with me to my first home when I move out. It's red and will match perfectely with all the white ;).

architecture, decoration, and kitchen image kitchen, home, and interior image

Again, Fresh looking and minimalistic. I do have a boyfriend though and I don't think he would like the pinkish details, but this is just some inspiration.

bedroom, interior, and home image Temporarily removed

I just love the idea of a marble bathroom! Marble is really Pretty and I want it at least somewhere in the house. I think a bathroom need to look a bit more luxurious.

bathroom, golden, and home image interior, bathroom, and home image

I really want my own work place where I can do my work or just sit down and go on weheartit or plan my week. I want a clean office with little distraction but also filled with memories and motivational quotes and of course: a plant.

room, white, and interior image Temporarily removed

I am aware that my taste in interior may change but this is my dream appartement/house so far. I know I still need to work hard and save a lot of money to make this dream real but everyone may have a dream and this is mine.



Before we end this article I have some anouncements to make:

➳ A steady schedule for my articles.

I wanted to pick a day in a week where I'll post an article.
I was thinking about this and I've picked tuesdays!
So I'll post an article every Tuesday of the week.
I'll also write extra articles if I have the time and will post these on Saturdays. So I'm sometimes gonna post 2 articles in a week.

➳ I'm looking for squad members.

Me and @fabulousbae are looking for 3 more girls who wanna join our squad. We don't have a name yet but our goal is to inspire hearters and make motivational challenges. We want to contribite WHI to be a beautiful place with beautiful people who are inspiring and confident in what they do.
So do you want to join our squad? DM me for more information.

Thank you so much for readig this article! Every heart and reaction means a lot to me and I hope you enjoy what I write.
I also hope we'll meet again in my next articles!

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and remember: stay true, stay beautiful, stay you.

Lots of Love,
Mimi xoxo

april 3, 2018