Hi guyss, I'm back and today we'll talk about smoothie recipes. Let's started!

Berries smoothie (for 2 person)
-1 small banana
-140g of blackberry
-120g of raspberry
-175g of blueberry
-175g of white yogurt
-1 teaspoon of honey
-4-5 ice cubes
Mix all for and eat!

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Tropical smoothie (for 2 person)

-1 mango
-85g of ananas
-70ml of juice of ananas
-70ml of juice of oranje
-juice of a lime
-6 ice cubs
-flesh of 2 passion fruits

Mix all for and eat!

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Mango smoothie (5 person)
-500g of white yogurt (or 1 cup of almond milk)
-250g of mango(cut into pieces)
-1 banana
-2 teaspoon of cane sugar(if you want)
Mix all and eat!

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Apple smoothie
-470g of Fujion Apple
-2g cinnamon
-170g of ice
-260g "Pere Abate" (Are italian pear so found it...)
-250g of milk
50g of honey
Mix all and eat!

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Kiwi smoothie
-2 kiwi
- 5 (small) cucumbers
- lemon juice
.2 slices of pineapple
-a bit of water
Mix all and eat!

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That's all for today!
With love, Annalisa♡