p e r s o n a l i t y

indie image conversation, funny, and fandoms image protest, climate change, and climate image text, love, and aesthetic image bedroom, cozy, and girl image feminist and feminism image music and love image flash, barry allen, and cw series image
- Equality for everyone- be earth and climate friendly- sleep for life- annoying always- NERD- kinda social kinda not- my life is music, music is my life -

a p p e a r a n c e

aesthetic, beautiful, and eyes image hair, girl, and grunge image girl, glasses, and book image skin, stars, and freckles image

-short light brown hair- grey blue eyes- glasses- moles-

s t y l e

beautiful, Clueless, and fashion image Image by venus aesthetic and fashion image fashion and style image fashion, orange, and style image fashion, style, and outfit image
- i would call my style kinda classic comfortable with pops of strong colours -

c o l o u r s

Image by Sandra green, car, and aesthetic image aesthetic and orange image orange and boat image yellow, flowers, and rose image yellow, shadow, and aesthetic image Temporarily removed peach, sky, and orange image
- Mint green, Olive green- Orange- Yellow- Peach -

f o o d

food, salad, and healthy image food, sushi, and yummy image fruit, food, and healthy image food, waffles, and strawberry image

p a s s i o n s

concert, light, and black image guitar, music, and photography image feminism, girls, and march image feminist, feminism, and pink image Temporarily removed book and reading image
- Music; listening, watching, playing and most importantly singing- Keeping the world good and beautiful for everyone and everything- Reading; other universes and characters -

m u s i c

one direction, liam payne, and niall horan image Temporarily removed Image removed ed sheeran image Image removed anastasia, broadway, and musical image
- One Direction- My Chemical Romance - 5 Seconds Of Summer- Ed Sheeran- Musicals; Hamilton and Anastasia are my favorites -

m o v i e s & t v - s h o w s

grease, dance, and John Travolta image Temporarily removed gif and the lovely bones image Image removed boy, camp rock, and demi lovato image -flipped image catch me if you can image Temporarily removed
- Grease- She´s the man- The lovely bones- Titanic- Camp rock- Flipped- Catch me if you can- Mulan -
h2o just add water image blonde, cleo, and emma image black, gif, and Gilbert image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed pretty little liars and pll image

b o o k s

Temporarily removed harry potter, book, and hogwarts image book, four, and divergent image book, the hunger games, and mockingjay image book, the mortal instruments, and city of bones image Temporarily removed
- Shatter Me series- Harry Potter series- Divergent series- Hunger Games series- The Mortal Instruments series (Im half through the series and loving it!)- Eleanor and Park-

a n i m a l s

Image removed animal, dog, and cute image Temporarily removed Image by Ale
- Horses- Dogs- Alpacas- Sloths -

g o a l s & d r e a m s

Image by vi. earth and protest image microphone, music, and singer image Temporarily removed Image removed train, travel, and adventure image Temporarily removed love, couple, and hipster image
- Equality for everyone- Helping the earth- Career in music, writing and doing music that means something- Hiking around the world, while traveling in an earth friendly way- Surrounded by friends and people i love -