Hey guys! I came to you with this article. I'm gonna show you nine articles about the boys, so you will know some thing sbout them. I hope you will like it and I want to say hello to all Stray Kids fans and new fans and also non fans. So, you can fangirl here or can fangirl with me if you wanna. Let get into it!
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✨ His role model is Bruno Mars
✨ His favorite color is hot pink
✨ His hobbies are listening to ASMR and watching mukbang (eating show)
✨ He has had braces for over 5 years
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✨ If Jeongin didn't become a singer, he would've want to be a kindergarten teacher
✨ His role at the dorm is to do laundry
✨ His nicknames are Deser Fox, Our Maknae, Spoon Worm Yang and Bean Worm
✨ He has a habit of touching his earlobes and spacing out
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✨ He is the first member to wake up
✨ He eats often and go shopping with Seungmin
✨ He likes puppies
✨ He is the second child in the family
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✨ His favorite animal is a gold fish
✨ He raised one, called Bongie
✨ He thinks, his most charming point is his braces
✨ He uses really honorific terms to his parents
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✨ He likes all food, besides beans
✨ His favorite song is Horsetail - Yoon Jongshin
✨ His favorite anime is Shin-chan
✨ His special ability is singing trot
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Thank you so much for reading this article. Let me know if you liked it, soon I'm gonna come with the other boys. Have a good day and be yourself, you can do it! Byeee!