Describe 5 weakness you have

being Over-emotional

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I feel emotions too hard. I am alway "very" something : very sad, very happy, very stressed... I cry a lot but on the other hand, I am often super happy !

Being Insecure

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I feel insecure about so many things : my future, my body, the way I look. I feel better when I can control and plan things, but it scares me to know that I can't plan everything.

Being unable to say "no"

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I don't want to hurt people so I always do my best so what I say or do is good for them. But sometimes it is not what I wanted or what suits me.

Being perfectionist

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I always do my best but I am not often satisfied. I care a lot about details and things that no one else sees. I expect the best from myself, and it is sometimes too much.

Peanut butter chocolate

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This one is a small one, but even if my stomach is full, I can't resist to this stuffed chocolate !

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