10 things to do in summer on a budget

1. Go stargazing – grab a blanket, take some snacks and touch upon your astronomy knowledge (there are apps you can download to help you with this!) doing this is free, you can do it in your backyard, or you can travel to do this. It's such a lovely way to relax and take some time away from everything.
2. Beaches – if you live near the beach then take full advantage of the treasure! Go to a beach you’ve never visited before, you may even be lucky enough to catch a beautiful sunset if you’re there long enough. Just make sure you have plenty of sunscreen, shade, and water on hand
3. Road trips – one of the best things you can do is explore your own backyard! Find those beautiful views, those beautiful beaches and you may even come across some secrets spots for you and your friends!
4. Go camping – grab your sleeping bags, a few snacks, and your best stories. Camping is such a good and low-cost way of going on adventures, traveling and you can incorporate the first few options of this list into your plans and you then have a good few days of plans on your hands, all of which can easily fit into any budget.
5. Picnics – grab your favorite summer snacks (like strawberries) and drinks then make your way down to the local park, beach or event and enjoy your day or catch the sunset for an extra treat
6. Water fight – the best way to cool down aside from swimming is, of course, a classic water fight with your friends, grab some water guns, water balloons and some buckets alongside side some of your friends and cool down while exercising at the same time.
7. Beach party – grabbing a few friends, having some summer playlists blasting and a few drinks while the sun is going down (or during the day) is the best way to make some of the most memorable memories during the summer season
8. Outdoor movies – a lot of cities put on events during the summery evenings of movies in the park, if this isn’t the case then you can grab your laptop, a blanket, some snacks and your set!
9. Make your own ice blocks – cutting up your favorite summer fruits, and freezing them in water is the perfect, healthy way to cool down during summer
10. Check out music festivals – check out your cities event pages, and make sure you’re listening out for the gossip amongst your friends! Music festivals are the perfect way to spend summer and make some of the best memories!