hello! pfft okie so this is my first article and just thought this would be fun, so i'm just goin' to jump right into it!!

draco malfoy (harry potter franchise)

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ever since i had dug myself into the harry potter franchise, i had always known that draco would be my favorite lmao. i know it's kind of weird and worrying but, like....he's just such an asshole in crappy circumstances and everything about him saddens me yet makes my tummy flip and WOW i love draco malfoy thank u

dean winchester (supernatural)

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ok....do i really even need to say anything for this one? c'mon now....it's dean mf winchester....case closed

peter parker / spider-man (marvel)

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spider-man has been my favorite superhero ever since i was literally a baby!! ((AKA my first halloween was dat boii!! yikes)) so, yeah, spider-man, along with peter, has always been my marvel favorite, and i'm absolutely ecstatic to see him being portrayed in such a perfected way. he's just such an intelligent dork who talks a lot and makes doofy jokes and makes my tiny, shriveled up heart swell!! wow

tony stark / iron man (marvel)

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tony stark is a smart, witty, and clever little shit who uses comedic value to disguise pain, and i get that lmao. (well, i get all besides the intelligence part.) i don't know, he just has a special little place in my shriveled up heart and it's hard to explain!! i just love him a lot pfft thanks

peter quill / star-lord (marvel)

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and to complete this article- and my marvel trio- we have peter mf quill!! i honestly don't know what it is about him- maybe it's his humor??- that gets me, but wow!! he's just so funny and the concept of him astronomically makes my heart wrench and that's the simplest way to put it. an actual starboy wow

anywho, those are all of the characters my mind can conjure up in my current sleep deprived state, so there we go. it's debatable that these aren't my favorites, as i could probably narrow them down to two if i took some time to think, but i'd rather not and leave it as it is.

thank u for readin the article!!