I had the same dream again. I could see you again. I could see your bright blue eyes again.

I don't know why I'm always dreaming about you. I told myself I'm over it. Obviously, I'm not.

I had this dream a week ago. And then I had it again, yesterday.

I was in this strange town alone, taking pictures of some random buildings I liked. It was a beautiful sunny day. Just me, and my camera. And then, you showed up from nowhere like a shadow.

I freaked out, but you told me not to be affraid. And so I smiled, and you were happy that I'm not affraid of you. I could see it in your eyes. In your smile. You were so happy.

You walked with me through the town, laughing and doing stupid things like we were kids. I liked it. Because I was with you.

You know, in a real life I'm even affraid to look at you, but this just diseappear in my dreams. I can laugh with you like I used to, talk to you like before. It feels so amazing.

In my dream, you lead me through some empty street. I can remember how scared I was, but you gave me your hand to hold, so I won't be affraid. It kind of seemed like the last time I needed you to hold me, so I won't fall. Funny, isn't it?

You walked me through this street and somehow we found ourselfs outside of our school. Now when I see it again in my mind, I have no idea what we were doing there, but I was with you so I didn't really care.

There were also our classmates with us. I was standing asside with my friend and you were talking to your girlfriend. You know, when I saw you with her, I happened to be standing alone with my head down, crying softly.

I don't understand why I'm always so jealous when I see you with her.

I heard someone asked you why are you not talking to your friends. You said that you have no friends there, but then you looked at me and you said: 'Except her.' and you came to me, hugged me, and you said that I'm your best friend. That you like me.

I couldn't be happier.

We started to walking around our school, talking about something I can't remember. But I was with you. I remember that feeling of happiness.

You wanted to tell me something. Something important, you said.

But then, I woke up.