E V E R Y O N E !

It's now day 8, and I'm having fun with this, and if you haven't seen my last day here it is:

And if you want to do the challenge yourself here it is:

And lets start DAY 8!!

What are five passions you have?

  • R E A D I N G

Reading has always been a passion on mine, I started with graphic novels in middle school because the visual always pulled me in to get into the story line. then came to the books into movies, but I always been a bookworm because it gets you into the book.

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  • W R I T I N G

I just love it, it clears my head,and I write store all the time.

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my wattpad is Carefree_vouge
  • M O V I E S / V I D E O S

Movies were always my thing, I would binge watch Twilight for the entire weekend, I just love the adventure, and action pack that just bring everything to life, and just the story line give me inspiration to write my own script and write.

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  • T R A V E L I N G

I've been traveling since I was about 7 going to live with my mom and going places over the summer back and forth. I loved the airport and driving places, but I never been to places I want to go or out the country so once I graduate and make a life for myself I wanna do those things like go to California, or London.

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  • J O U R N A L I N G

Keeping thing down and just getting thing off my chest and my love for writing, journaling are the things keep me interested in writing and enjoy what I'm doing.

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