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Hugging, best of all

Well, I still do not think it's pathetic to cry for someone. It simply means that they are very dear to you and you are sad.

You're not my best friend. You are my sister, and this is much more

Be in love with Peter, but be careful with your heart

Love can go away or a person, even without wanting this

- So, what's the point?
- Do not kill yourself because of the guy
- Or girls

- I told them that my uncle is a lawyer and we are both minors.
- Is your uncle really a lawyer?
- No. He owns a pizzeria in New Jersey

If we just hold on tight enough, everything will be fine

Young people are really wasting youth

No one can ever love everyone equally

Relationships are hard work

People say that separation increases love, but I think that they are wrong: Intimacy strengthens love

Listen, if two people are meant to be together, they will find a way to each other

Life is one big sexism

Is male self-esteem such a delicate, fragile thing? It looks like that.

Our love with Peter, as well as parting - it's so in a school way. I want to say that it's fleeting.

You can not protect yourself from a broken heart, Lara Jean. This is part of life.

Ten is no longer a little girl. It's exactly in the middle

Relations with the father - this is the most important relationship with a man in the life of a girl

When you lose someone and you still hurt, then you realize that love was real.

Maybe it's true. Maybe I'm in love with love. It's not such a bad feeling.

People in your life come and go. For a while they are your whole world, they are everything to you. And then suddenly again - and no.

Farewells - that's hard

His heart is mine, only mine. And now I believe in it. It's mine, and I can either take care of it and protect it, or break it.