Hello everyone, so this is the first time i do one of these so i hope you like it.
I will be adding more to the list.

// Travel the world

travel, map, and world image

// Meet every memeber of One Direction (including Zayn)

Image by arzu

// Go to a Harry Styles Concert

wallpaper, sweet creature, and lockscreen image

// Go to Los Angeles, CA. And if it's possible, i want to live there for a while.

palm trees, sky, and street image Image by Just Another Dreamer ✨🥀 🥀🥀✨

// Travel by Airplane.

pink, travel, and plane image

//Travel by train, again.

train, grunge, and tumblr image

//Steal a kiss.

Temporarily removed

// Have a Journal.

stationery image Abusive image