Hey guys! So I'm here with the second day of this #WHIchallenge
Feel free to participate in it if you like 😃

Day 2 - Describe 3 legitimate fears you have and explain how they became fears

1) spiders 🕷
I've always been afraid of spiders, don't know why. A few years ago it became worse when a little black spider bit me on my left boob. I yelled, panicked & sweated. It was a scary experience.

Image by Traceyanne McCartney

2) going blind 👓
I wear glasses because of my really bad eye sight, so I have developed this fear of my eye sight possibly worsening & therefore going blind

flowers, nature, and glasses image

3) the ocean 🌊
Idk. Something about the deep blue sea frightens me. The fact that 95% of it is unexplored intrigues me. Not knowing what could possibly be there is pretty scary if you ask me.

nebraska and lakemcconaughy image

So that was all for today. Hope you guys enjoyed. See you tomorrow. In the meantime heres day 1 of the challenge

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