happiness is something almost everybody wants, however many of us still have not reached it yet. this are some of the tips I have that I have been using to hopefully become a happier person! before I get started I wanted to just take a second to thank everyone who takes the time to read my articles, I know I have a small following but I am still so incredibly grateful for every single one of you. My whole goal is to help at least one person so if I can do that i am completely satisfied.

small reminders:

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i have found that putting even the smallest of things that bring me some joy on display helps a lot. whether its a photo of an event or a picture of your friends or a concert ticket, small details like that can remind you of the small happy things.

write down the things you are thankful for:

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writing down even the small things that at not seem to be important can really help you learn to love the little things,

engage in more positive activities:

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this can be trying something new, art, sports, activism, volunteering. really anything that makes you feel better on the inside that you have a passion for.

take breaks when needed:

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take breaks for social media, activities, and even hanging out with certain people if you feel worn out or like they are weighing you down.

i hope this helped! as always, feel free to message me with any questions, comments, concerns, requests, or just to talk! much, much love!

-Kaitlyn (insta: kaitlyneckhard)