Color-Dark Forest

Image by ємιℓια ρση∂
Image by ємιℓια ρση∂

Animal- Black Cat

book, cat, and black image
Image by ємιℓια ρση∂

Weather- Rain

rain, window, and green image
Inspiring Image on We Heart It

Song- Beautiful People, Beautiful Problems by Lana Del Rey and Stevie Nicks

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stevie nicks image

Time of Day- Morning

couple, love, and goals image
city, view, and bed image


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flowers, nature, and glasses image
flowers and lavender image


bed, blond, and blonde image
bed, marry, and adventure time image

Season- Autumn

aesthetic and gif image
autumn, barn, and country living image

Fruit- Strawberries and Peaches

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Drink- Coke Cherry

red, cherry, and coke image
coca cola, cherry, and drink image


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Shoes- Converse High Tops

converse, red, and aesthetic image
yellow, converse, and aesthetic image

View- Landscapes passing by in a moving car

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travel, car, and nature image