Most of us spend so much time and effort in our lives to acquire expensive things.Designer bags, branded perfume or scents, or dinner at a really posh. Well, you name it. We all have an never ending list of things we want to experience in our life.

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Majority of it is extravagant.Don't get me wrong,I'm not saying that it is wrong to work and hustle to own things that our heart desires.However, how many of us actually strive to be a kind person in this world? Although kindness is absolutely free, it often gets neglected by people in this day and age. Why would we struggle so much to obtain something that is so expensive and completely ignore something that can be given for free? That just doesn’t make sense, does it?

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“I have a hectic lifestyle and there’s no time for me to go to old folk homes or orphanages to spread kindness”.Doesn’t that excuse sound familiar?

Well truth is, being kind has nothing to do with offering help in a grand scale. You can start it with doing something as simple as smiling at someone or simply saying "thank you" to someone who had helped you. You’ve got no idea how much it impacts an individual.

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“A smile is a curve that sets everything straight”-unknown

You never know what an individual has gone through.Hence,try your best to not add to their burden.Perhaps smiling to someone gives them a feeling of comfort which eventually makes them feel better.Kindness never goes out of fashion.

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So here’s the challenge:
Go out there and do something nice and kind.Maybe you can water the plants in your garden and be kind to our mother nature or help an elderly to carry their groceries.Whatever it is,don’t hesitate to offer a helping hand.
Do let me know what you did.I’d love to read them.
Thank you for taking your time to read,I genuinely appreciate it :)
Thank youuuuu <3

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