5th day of this callenge, and today it'll about my collection:

What is it about?

Here you can find random pictures of different tattoos, a lot of different tattoos, incuding flowers, animals, quotes, etc.

colours, drinks, and fashion image Temporarily removed tattoo, quotes, and tumblr image tattoo, flowers, and yellow image

Why did I create it?

I love tattoos, I watch a couple of reality shows about tattoos (specially Ink Master) and I love them due to the fact that I love apreciating every detail of them. I would like to get at least one tattoo when I'm older.

ink master and mystical mike image art, bodyart, and ink image tattoo and wolf image tattoo, tattoo artist, and tyler nolan image


tattoo, heart, and black and white image tattoo, rose, and flowers image tattoo, bee, and art image tatto and friends image tattoo, planet, and art image arctic monkeys, ♡, and the nbhd image tattoo image tattoo, grunge, and enough image dog, tattoo, and cute image animal, animals, and black&white image tattoo, rose, and red image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed tattoo, planet, and grunge image tattoo, snake, and black image tattoo, world, and hand image


I love tattoos, they're a way to express yourself and to get art in your body, I think they're beautiful.

Thanks for reading, I'll leave some collections below :)