Hairstyle and facial modification:

Most straight men's hairstyle is more casual, not always focus on their hair. There are more straight men do not like to deal with beards;

Most of the gay, they may love the flow of refreshing buzz. Of course, there are some "small fresh" like washing and cutting, but the hairstyle will be made of the Sao. They do not know how to wave it. Gay in this regard is very attention, or regularly will deal with Hu Slag. Gay will leave some exquisite moustache.

Online Dating, straight man, and straight people image

The big difference in watching TV.

Generally gay likes to watch what kind of programs, all kinds of comprehensive arts show. Of course, gay men will also prefer gay video, commonly known as GV. And straight men love sports programs, football, basketball and other sports, of course, but also well-known but gay most annoying CCTV news, some straight men also like to see Discovery, study the mysteries of all things.

As for those brain remnants play, straight men Only Love Island adult vedio, commonly known as AV.

“Hey, gorgeous or beauty”

In this time of face and body, dating is not related to money. There is no love at first sight, only a look at the clock face, no color value of the grasp of how to gallop in the world on the bed. For this, celebrities do not know that there must be straight male cancer!

All straight men love to say hi to beauty at the first slight of passing a big wave sister, a sister, the seaside bikini beauty, saliva to put up, to pretend to be a very refined handsome man image;

And gay guys, of course, also love the face Ah. Wow, that man's body is good, muscular plump, that boy is handsome, next to that is really ugly dead.\

The recent study by a gay dating,, and straight dating app,, shows that most e ven now more and more people are accepting the concet of LGBT, some of them are on the area of looking for stimulation. Finally, they are preferencing a happy family for wealthy kids.