hi, my name is eva and im a sleepy and shy person, but i really like music and people seem to like these playlist posts so it's cool to share my favourite songs with different people! so, i recently discovered a bunch of new music; so this playlist is kinda very messy, but its just my current faves so yeah. without any further ado, this is: "or something", the playlist.

i wanna be your girlfriend - girl in red
・゚✧ catchy and very cute ・゚✧

127 hrs in bed - dylan brady
・゚✧ no, your sound system isn't broken ;) ・゚✧

afterblunts - shy lennox, captain pizza
・゚✧ soft, chill, makes me daydream ・゚✧

neon roses - the technicolours
・゚✧ a good fucking song ・゚✧

key lime OG - rico nasty
・゚✧ makes you bop ・゚✧

smack a bitch - rico nasty
・゚✧ makes you feel badass ・゚✧

FUCKING YOUNG/PERFECT - tyler, the creator
・゚✧ makes me feel like glitter ?? ・゚✧

・゚✧ so pretty ・゚✧

about you - san cisco
・゚✧ fun to listen to and very catchy beep ・゚✧

softcore - the neighbourhood
・゚✧ i love this band and i love every song on their new album so this was a given ・゚✧

11:11 - waterparks
・゚✧ waterparks are so underrated and so is this song ・゚✧

peach (lobotomy) - waterparks
・゚✧ friendly and i like it lol ・゚✧

bitches broken hearts - billie eilish
・゚✧ bc it took her long enough ・゚✧

see you again - tyler, the creator
・゚✧ sugar and spice n' everything nice :) ・゚✧

X - scHoolboy Q, 2 chainz, saudi
・゚✧ the entire album was pure gold and so was this song ・゚✧

wasted times - the weeknd
・゚✧ i want to thank selena gomez for breaking abel's heart ・゚✧

royal - waterparks
・゚✧ the lyrics are really smart and the beat is very catchy ・゚✧

playlist link: https://open.spotify.com/user/22pg2j7fqx64vkh67zejb3wai/playlist/3CbPjmurqOMTp09OPQjh7d?si=os-hmyTHRx2RbyWASk5vfg