It's Christine, with another article !

This is just a few tips that have helped me heal over time with trying to get over my ex best friend. Not all of these will help everyone, but this is what helped me. So I hope you enjoy!!

Message me for tips and anything!!

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Express your emotions,its always good to let your feelings out. You can cry, go to parties, read ,listen to music or anything that helps you get your mind off of them.

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Delete them from your social media, if you are officially done with them as a friendship, why do you want to see what they are posting? It will only make things worse. So delete them off any social media and if you still have their contact, because you need to let the negativity leave.

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Yes, you might feel like badmouthing them to other friends, but it only causes more drama. they will get karma at some point , so just let it go. You need to have a clear mind and just focus on you and forget about them. Just have the mindset, "I deserve better" you will see a difference.

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Focus on the people who matter in your life, like family and friends that care about you. You need positive people in your life, so try and steer clear of any negativity and try to just have a good time with good people who deserve you.

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You need to stop listening to songs that remind you of the friendship and anything that can lead to remembering them again. If you still have gifts from them, notes and or anything , garbage them. You do not want to be reminded of what is done and gone.

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Self care is key to fell better!! You need to focus on the good you and change for the better. Take a bath, exfoliate, go on dates. Treat yourself to some time to care and remind your self worth.

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Remember this is not the end of the world. People will come and go out of your life, u will learn to appreciate people more and be careful with who you chose to let into your life. Enjoy the better you!

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Hope you enjoyed!
Love you guys xxx