Day 2

“Make a list of five things that make you happy”

This is a hard one. I never really thought about this. I even had to ask some friends and look for things that make people happy because I didn’t know. After a deep research (ok, it wasn’t THAT deep) I think I can do this 💪🏽

5. Rainy Days 🌧

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Who doesn’t love them? It’s a little bit cold, nobody’s outside, and the only noise is the beautiful sound of the rain. A perfect day of reading, music and hot chocolate. Unless you live in a Caribbean island like me and hot chocolate only makes you feel more hot :v (and no, not the sexy meaning of the word).

4. Hugs

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Is there any better feeling in the world? Hugging people will automatically improve my mood. Being in someone’s arms, feeling loved and protected... Giving someone a hug to let them know they are important to you...

It feels good to feel protected, loved, and that someone cares about you. So it makes me really happy ❤️

3. Traveling ✈️

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Outside of DR 🇩🇴 I’ve only travel to New York and Puerto Rico. But in my country, I have had visited several places. Knowing a new place is one of the best feeling in the world.

I’ve been in New York four times, all of them when I was a child. The memories I have of getting outside of the plane, feeling the weather, the air, everything... just wow.

I even get excited when I go to Santo Domingo (capital of my country), a place I go basically every week 🤷🏽‍♀️.

2. Getting good grades 💯

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I’m sorry if this sounds like anything but humble, but I work really hard for getting good grades. So I get really happy when I succeed.

1. Those late conversations where you have to hide your face in the pillow in order to silence your laughter

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Do I even have to explain? My friends are funny af

That’s all for now!

If you want to have late conversations 🌚

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See you tomorrow! 🌚💕

–– Carolyn Mir