I feel a little weird. Neutral, if something like that exists. I'm very happy about some personal accomplishments. But on the other hand, my social life continues haunting me. I'm on the end of the second year of college and I'm going for the third. However, I still can't find a friend to talk the same language with, to communicate with, to have pretty much the same background as me. And that brings me down a little bit. Only just this time, I'm not gonna blame myself. I don't believe I do something. For real.
I'll say that maybe I was born in the wrong decade. I should be born in 80's or 90's. Surely not 00's. We've seen how we turned out. Not a good decade.
Well, I have to say that there is an interest from guys to me. Mostly on social media and... maybe a little bit in person. Which is definitely good and I kinda like it but, I would prefer it from the right guy. Well you know how it goes, if you don't have friends at least have a boyfriend. Hahah I'm obvioulsy joking.
So, this time I'm going to support the song of a greek singer, Oikonomopoulos, "For some reason" or in greek "Για κάποιο λόγο" and I will trust God/Jesus/fate/higher power that knows what he/she's doing. And that there is a lesson in everything. Everything happens for some reason then and moving on to the next lesson and adventure in this weird trip that's called life.
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Love, Filio <3