Hello lovely human beings

I'm actually really excited to continue doing these and make them as personal as I possibly can. Once again I'll link the challenge for those that want to try it. Thank you for reading my others, if you have, and I hope you enjoy.

What are the 5 things that make you most happy right now?

i. good ass music

99.99% of the time I'm listening to music. Whether it's through my headphones or my vinyls on my record player. When a song has a beat or a good lyrics, it fills me with an overwhelming happiness. Music is also how I express myself. The music I listen to correlates to my style in clothes, movies, and even shows. Side note, I also love making playlists.

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just some of my favorite songs and artists

ii. my family/friends

I may act like I don't love them but I truly do. My mom, brother, sister, and dad are 3 of the most important people in my life. We love each other no matter what. My friends also mean the absolute world to me. They're always encouraging me to do better. I'm so glad I found friends like them.

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iii. marvel cinematic universe

Let me start off with saying mcu movies are amazing and fantastic and I love them with all my heart. It all started 2 years ago when I saw The First Avenger for the first time. Ever since then I've only talked about Marvel movies. They have character like Captain America, Black panther, and Thor, who stand on the idea of saving those in need.

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some of my favorites

iv. r.h. sin's writings

I honestly adore his poetry books. I read the first Whiskey Words & a Shovel and I was in love. His writing is so beautiful and nicely put together. He remains my one of my favorite poets.

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v. films! films! films!

I've always prefered movies to tv as they end quicker. Movies have to fit a lot in a short period of time. When they do it right, it's wonderfully gorgeous. I spend a large amount of my freetime watching all kinds of movies as a good film makes me tremendously happy. The smallest thing in a film could be the thing i talk about for days.

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Thank you for reading and tune into tomorrow for day 6.

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love, billie