hey loves!
sorry I've been gone for a while- I've had a lot of stress with school and other things.
anyway, I have recently started listening to subliminals!

I am not sponsored/paid by these channels to promote them, I just genuinely enjoy listening to them and they have given me positive results!

what is a subliminal?

basically, a subliminal is a word, image etc. that is absorbed by your unconscious mind and causes you to accept them. For example, the use of red in the Target symbol will remind people of Target and convince them to shop there.
(via http://www.wisegeek.org/what-are-subliminal-messages.htm)

my favorite subliminal channels on YouTube

  • Miss Subliminals
  • Soko Subliminals
  • Slay Subliminals
  • Xi Subliminals
  • Moonlight Subliminals

my current subliminal playlist!


words of advice

recently, a lot of subliminal makers have been exposed for using bad affirmations in their videos that are dangerous and NOT SAFE!! please be careful with who you listen to. A few 'bad channels' that contain unsafe affirmations are:

  • Sejin Subliminals
  • Quadible Integrity
  • Mind Power

please stay safe and don't listen to these channels!

my results!!!

I've listened to subliminals religiously for about 3 weeks or so, and I have had so many positive results!

  • I got a really high grade on a math test I was super scared to take
  • I've became more confident and more people have started talking to me and becoming my friend!
  • My body has started to look a lot better
  • my hair grew a lot
  • My mom took me on a shopping trip (unusual)
  • My makeup skills got better
  • I got sooo many compliments from people I did not know

and thats only a few benefits!


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sending love and posi-vibes

xoxo Francesca๐Ÿ’Žโœจ