Hello everyone!
Thank you so much for reading my last article (bellarke playlist II)! Here are six more songs from my bellarke playlist called: together; bellamy & clarke. You can find it on Spotify!

Inspiring Image on We Heart It Temporarily removed love, couple, and hands image boy, freckles, and shoulder image

dusk till dawn; ZAYN ft sia

you'll never be alone, i'll be with you from dusk till dawn.

armor; landon austin

i'm not bullet proof when it comes to you
don't know what to say when you made me the enemy.

this love; taylor swift

your kiss, my cheek, i watched you leave
your smile, my ghost, i fell to my knees.

shadows; sabrina carpenter

i don't mind your shadows because they disappear in the light
i don't mind your shadows because they look a lot like mine.

technicolour beat; oh wonder

i feel life for the very first timem, love in my arms, and the sun in my eyes
i feel safe in the 5am light, you carry my fears as the heavens set fire.

Since I had so much fun writing this article, I will do the same for a Bellamy Blake playlist, which you can also find on Spotify under the name of: the rebel king; bellamy blake.

See you soon!