Its a rock
Hits out of no where
Hurts like I've been stabbed with a thousand needles
I died 21 times because I've hurt all my life }

Pain on my body, I see no escape
Happy I'm not, and no I don't want to tell
Its a rock
Heavy as can be
Stuck to my shoe and it won't leave
Sometimes it will let me walk and if I'm lucky I will run, pretending I'm free

Sunny days are a wonderful thing
For they are a rare occasion
Some days are better than others
Sometimes its not even there

Its a rock
And I want it gone
Its a metaphor as John Green once wrote
But my metaphor might end up killing me

It's a rock
I don't want to tell
Thank you kind friend for asking about my day
But I can't tell you about my rock
My rock isn't great
My rock makes me hurt
My rock won't let me yell

It's nobody's fault
My brain doesn't work
It doesn't understand, but its trying to learn
That a rock can be kick
That a rock can be great
It makes it seem far worse than it probably is

Its a rock
Have you figured it out?
Its okay if you haven't
It also took me a while