hello! ♥ it's been a while, guys! i thought this tag was pretty cool, especially 'cause i love talking about my childhood or just reminiscing on things i enjoyed. i hope you enjoy this!


1) what year were you born in?

2001 babyyy!

2) what tv shows did you grow up watching?

UM LITERALLY EVERYTHING. dora was my fav in my very early childhood but then came that's so raven, drake and josh, spongebob, cory in the house, suite life of zach and cody/ suite life on deck, hannah montana, wizards of waverly place, jonas, icarly, victorious, zoey101, litrerally every show you could think of. (also old nickjr shows but i don't want to sit here for another 5 hours)

3) what did you want to be when you grow up and do you still want to be that?

a doctor! but no, i think i want to go into teaching now.

4) what were your favorite toys to play with?

well ofc my barbie dolls, my dora toy chest and house and my yellow teletubby lol but i also had this high school musical microphone that you could sing along to "you are the music in me" with, probably the dopest toy i had.

5) what's the most embarrassing thing your remember doing?

oof, so many things. but number one is probably crying in the fourth grade because my teacher gave me no recess for telling my friend what i got on a test. pathetic.

6) what's something you wrote in kindergarten?

FUNNY HOW MY MOM FOUND THIS A WEEK AGO. my father works in landscaping, so i drew a picture of him on a piece of paper, in which he's well, doing his job. on the other side, i wrote in spanish, "dad, i know you work real hard to save money. i hope that with that money, you'll buy me a baby brother". 11 years later, i'm still the youngest child.

7) what are three songs you loved to listen to as a child?

1. "i just called to say i love you"- stevie wonder
2. "only girl in the world"- rihanna
3. literally every disney channel throwback song

... and many more

8) favorite childhood halloween costume?

snow white when i was 3.

9) tell about a funny memory.

the second time i went to el salvador in 2009, my cousin alex was probably like 6 and he jumped off the roof because he thought he was superman. really, i don't think i ever laughed so hard. (alex turned out fine, by the way.)

10) are there any special things you've kept since childhood?

yes! my first baby doll, that high school musical microphone, this dora video game that i would literally just plug into the tv and other things i can't remember. ooh! also my dora video cassettes the lullaby cassette tapes from when i was a baby. i listen to them very rarely and when i do, i cry. simpler times, man.

11) what was something weird you would do as a child?

eat peanut butter alone.

12) what's the scariest thing you remember happening to you when you were younger?

haunts me all the time. when i was little, and also maybe even now, i was scared of monster masks. all my siblings are significantly older than me, just so you know. i guess it was around halloween, and i was reeeeally little and i guess i needed help from one of them, so i went to my brother's room to look for him. all i remember is calling his name and opening the door, and he was standing right in front of me wearing a mask with fake blood all over it. i screamed and cried and ran to my mother and to this day he still bugs me about it, and i still use that against him when i want to make him look bad.

13) how is the world different now from when you were a child?

i could write a freaking book. #takemeback

that's all, folks!

hope you guys liked that! i truly enjoyed looking back at my childhood since it was hands down the happiest time of my life. thanks for reading! love you mucho!


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