How should I find the love of my life when I cant even find myself?
She asked herself in 3 a.m. with tiny clear pearls playing on her face with the saddest song playing in the back. Worst time 3 a.m. right?
That is time when you cant sleep when your thoughts are the deepest, the loudest. You have anxiety and depression and that is the worst thing having those two together. So you wonder whats gonna happen tomorrow, will someone judge you, will he approach you, will he say something, will he look at you with a shine and fire in his eyes or will those eyes have just dark and smoke in them? So with every second her eyes slowly shut and world stopped for that second. In that second everything happened her eyes became dark, her tears stopped but blood was slowly dripping on the white sheets making beautiful abstract art that even the greatest artists couldn't paint. Everything happened in that one second that felt forever.

He was dying every night to tell her but he was afraid what if everyone rejects him because how he fells. He only had night, only shinny stars in the darkest night were truly connecting them, but what happens when if in the darkest night you cant even see the shinnies star? He found himself standing on a cliff and his biggest thought was will he make a step back or forward. He just stands there breathes quietly not able to move. It is 3 a.m. He closed his eyes and let loose. Another second that felt like forever past by as he broke hoping to became a star like she did. Only problem was that he didn't realize she wasn't a star, yet the open sea on which moon shinned so beautifully. So when you'll be on beach just looking at the sea look carefully where doe sky and water blend or where at night one star kisses the open sea.