As Audrey Hepburn put it: "When I wear a silk scarf I never feel so definitely like a woman, a beautiful woman". And I couldn't agree more with her. I mean what is better than a touch of soft silk on your skin? Silk scarves are beautiful additions to any outfit, they instantly make you look elegant and stand out from the crowd. Even the simplest outfit can become luxurious with simple tricks of styling silk scarves. I find them a great way to express your individuality. The way you wear it or its color can say  a lot about you: "I like it simple, but I also like looking luxurious" or  "I like it extra", etc.

There are so many ways to style them and today I partnered with French designer Astrid Sarkissian to create the looks below. Inspired by baroque and gothic architectures, Astrid Sarkissian creates luxury products by first hand-drawing illustrations, which are then digitalized and transposed on silk through digital printing and hand finished by craftsmen from the region of Como, Italy famous for its silk industry. The shapes and patterns are the most interesting, precise and have deep meanings to explore.

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I love to wear big silk scarves as "cover-ups" as I feel very feminine and confident. This can be done with any outfit. To achieve the look below, just fold one corner to  the opposite side so that it forms a triangle and put it on your back and shoulders. You can add a belt-bag or a bold belt to the look and voila, your look is ready. 2.  For the second look, I wore the same scarf upfront: folded into triangle and wrapped it around my neck. Looks great and protects from cold. 3. For the third look, I chose all black outfit and Vermin Red Silk Scarf. This is a great way to add color to your wardrobe. I finished the look with Western belt.