She was drowning.
Drowning in the endless Darkness.
Darkness with no beginning and no end.

She was suffocating.
Suffocating in the Darkness that was engulfing her.

She was struggling.
Struggling to get out, to see the Light again.

She was tired, so very tired.
Tired of fighting back, tired of struggling, tired of suffocating and tired of drowning.

The world she once lived in, the world she once belonged to is now unclear to her.
The Darkness hung a veil between her and Outside.
She can barely see, touch, hear or taste the world anymore.
She is stuck inside, in the cold embrace of the Darkness…
She longed to breathe, she longed to feel her heartbeat, she longed to feel anything at all.

It’s been so long, so long that the Light feels like a distant dream her brain once made up, not a reality that came before the Darkness.
Her eyes got accustomed to the lack of light but never once stopped missing the Light.
The majestic Light, the warmth and the beauty of it, how it made whatever it touched glow.

She missed the Light so much it hurt.
She remembered how the Darkness seeped into her, slowly at first.
So slowly she barely noticed.

But then, suddenly, the Light was gone and with it went every hope she ever had, every dream, every laugh, and every smile.
This is what the darkness does, it damages the beauty of life and makes it ugly, so very ugly.
It makes your best memories your worst.
It makes your most beautiful memories painful.
Nothing to hold on to.
The Darkness fills up your space but it is empty.
It sucks the happiness out of you, feeds on it and takes up even more space in your heart.
It preys on your hope, doesn’t leave you alone until you are lifeless.
Until you are breathing but you are no longer living.
Until bringing the Light back is impossible.
You call out for death but even death doesn’t dare come next to you.
You are stuck.
Stuck in your body.
Stuck in human form.
Stuck in your flesh.
No escape.


You may be confused, I’m sorry if I confused you.
But if you understood, if those words were painful to read, I am also sorry.
Depression is the Darkness, depression is the lack of light.
It’s the drowning, the suffocating the exhaustion the pain.
Every Dark thing In your world.

To you guys who have not experienced this, I hope you never do, I truly hope you never ever know what those words mean or represent.
To you guys who do….
You are not alone, you never were.
It's just that this Darkness also blinds you.
But I hope to make a difference, I hope you see that no you are not alone.
Those feelings have been experienced by millions.
And no they are not permanent they could go.
You could make them go.
No, not easy I know.
But it is possible.
With time, with effort, with the image of Light in your mind, you can recover from this.
Let your memories of the Light guide you.
Light has wonderful powers, and so does happiness.
So hang on to the idea of those too and begin your journey to recovery, to a better you.
Nothing is wrong with you, you are sane.
Do not listen to others.
You are strong.
You can do this…
Look deep in you, find your innate Light.
Use it as your weapon.
Fight Darkness with Light, and trust me Light always wins…

Please, if any of you guys relate, message me and I am more than willing o listen to you and try to help you in any way possible...

Your mental health is no joke take care of it

Stay strong.
Stay you.
Lots of love,

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